You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to love SideHustle.

All that matters is your witty, unchained imagination and creativity!

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SideHustle is 100% fun to play with friends, family, and co-workers!

Game Night

Enjoy laughter, connection, and some healthy competition with your friends on game night!

Quality Time

Create unforgettable moments that inspire confidence and imagination with the family!

Team Building

Discover the fun, new way to sharpen your presentation skills and creativity!

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Molly mahoney

Founder The Prepared Performer @thepreparedperformer

“As a mom and business owner, I want my kiddos to know ANYTHING is possible, especially if we work together as a family. SideHustle envokes their imagination, we laugh a whole lot, and let's them learn about how I support my clients. Who knows, they may come up with their own business thanks to this game!”

Re Perez

CEO of Branding For The People @RePerezSpeaks

“SideHustle helped me tap into my creative and strategic thinking. Now, I use it as a tool to sharpen my storytelling skills.”

Brian Kidwell

Co-Founder of Scotts Cheap Flights @TheBrianKidwell

“SideHustle is high energy and hilarious. It’s a lot of fun coming up with crazy business ideas and hearing your friends’ ridiculous pitches. The game definitely kept me on my toes.”

Meredith Sue

PhD Candidate in Counseling @lovemeredth__name

Body of At first, I was nervous to play SideHustle because I never viewed myself as entrepreneurial. As I started playing, I realized how creative I could be coming up with ideas and actually pitching when given a prompt. It was so much fun hearing my friends pitch their unique ideas, too!

SideHustle serves as a platform for both fun and education. The Kickstarter edition of SideHustle is the MVP of the Party Game for Entrepreneurs, serving as the launchpad for add-on games and expansion packs to be announced...
  • 180
  • SideHustle Business Cards
  • 20
  • Blank Cards
  • 20
  • 'Funny' Winner Cards
  • 20
  • 'Fundable' Business Cards
  • 1
  • Industry Dice
  • 4
  • Sketch Pads
  • 4
  • Pencils
  • 8+
  • Ages
  • 3-8
  • Players
  • 45 min.
  • Average Gameplay
At this time, we offer shipping to the USA and Canada while we fulfill our Kickstarter orders. We will begin shipping internationally by the end of 2020. Shipping costs vary upon location and we have a hassle free refund & return policy. Simply send the product back for a full refund, just cover cost of shipping.

Preorder Now

Get your hands on the first edition of the party game for entrepreneurs! Product is completing production and our first batch of inventory will soon be on it's way. Don't wait - pre-order your copy of SideHustle today!

SideHustle: The Party Game for Entrepreneurs

The party game for entrepreneurs where you pitch ideas for side hustles that are funny and fundable! 100% funded on Kickstarter in under 12 hours! Now available for pre-order. 
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